Founding partners Dan McCarthy and Jay Schiering
Shop owner and general manager Gene Yelden

The story 

At 10 a.m. on the 10th day of the 10th month of 1980, Dan McCarthy opened a wine shop in Seattle’s Ravenna neighborhood, after years spent on the distribution side of the wine trade. Three years later, Jay Schiering came on as a partner, and in 1990, they opened a second location in the Queen Anne neighborhood. The pair have taught generations of Seattleites how to purchase, drink and love fine wine.

Dan and Jay retired in summer 2021, selecting Gene Yelden and Spencer Jacobs to carry on the tradition of exceptional customer service and exceptional wines. Like many McCarthy & Schiering customers, Gene and Spencer met and became friends at the shops’ Saturday free tastings, which continue today. In 2022 Gene became the sole owner and manager.

How we can help you

McCarthy & Schiering has access to the world’s top wines for customers who collect rare vintages. But our primary focus are customers who look at wine as a beverage to enhance meals on an everyday basis. Our goal is to help you find excellent wines that fit the flavor profile you seek in the price range that works for you.

We carry an extensive selection of wines from around the world, including ones from our backyard of Washington and Oregon. We are passionate about the small individual estates of France, Italy, Germany and Austria. New world wines from California, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, and Argentina are well represented on our shelves.


McCarthy & Schiering was recognized by Seattle Magazine as the best local retail wine shop for 2017. In 2004, GQ magazine named our shops one of the “50 best Wine Stores in America” and one of the “top 10 small specialty shops featuring wines from Piedmont and Tuscany.” We look forward to helping you discover new wines and introducing you to a community that shares your passion for the grape.


Ordering Wines

As fine wine merchants our store selections are based on wines that we’ve personally tasted and recommend. Our focus is on the wine in the bottle, not the label on the bottle. While we have favorites, we want to help you find yours.  

Please ask for a wine that you’ve enjoyed in a local restaurant, or one in New York, London or Paris. If this wine is available in Seattle, we will usually be able to have it for you within a week.

To inquire about a wine, call or email us at either the Ravenna shop or the Queen Anne shop. We’ll be in touch about the availability of the wines within a day or two.

Other Services

In addition to selling wine, we offer related services such as shipping wine with Washington State, gift certificates, and more. Please contact us either via email or on the phone if you’d like to use these services or if  you have questions.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are available in any amount. Gift certificates for membership in the Vintage Select Buyer’s club are also available.

Seattle Wine Storage

Storing wine properly, in temperature and humidity controlled conditions, is of utmost importance for successful aging. However, many people don’t  have the space for  a traditional wine cellar or live in apartments or condominiums where such a thing is impossible. If you need offsite wine storage, we wholeheartedly recommend Seattle Wine Storage. SWS has been around since 1995 and provides storage for all manner of cellars from small to large. They can be reached at (206) 628-4802 or at

Dan McCarthy: Renaissance Man, Wine Merchant, Artist, Writer, Friend, Mentor

It is with great sadness that we share the news that wine shop founder, Dan McCarthy, passed away on December 3rd, in Huatulco Mexico, after an extended illness. Dan will be forever missed by all of us who were close to him.

Jay Schiering, Dan’s longtime partner and friend, said:

“Dan was a great storyteller, able to excite multiple generations to the wonders of wine and food. When he spoke, folks listened. Dan earned worldwide respect for his encyclopedic wine knowledge, tasting talent, palate memory, and the ability to inspire others to share his passion.”

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