Deal Of The Month

2017 Jolivet ‘Attitude’

In these crazy times, we all recognize a little ‘attitude’. We get enough of it every day, yet there is one ‘Attitude” that we love to drink. The 2017 Pascal Jolivet Sauvignon Blanc ‘Attitude’ is full of fresh, crisp, seafood friendly, how-would- you-say it?–—attitude. This is a great wine for seared halibut, mussels, and clams which are all now in season.

2017 Pascal Jolivet Sauvignon Blanc ‘Attitude’ Loire Valley 15.00 12.45VS

The Weekly Tasting

Tastings at Both shops

Saturday April 27th 11AM-5PM   free 

Upchurch Vineyard – Red Mountain

Chris Upchurch will be at the Ravenna shop from 11:30AM-2:00PM 

and at the Queen Anne shop from 2:30PM-5PM

Saturday May 4th 11AM-5PM   free

Passing Time Cabernet Sauvignons

Damon Huard will be at the Ravenna shop from 11:30AM-2:00PM

and at the Queen Anne shop from 2:30PM-5PM

New Arrivals

More 2018 Dry Rosés

More 2018 Dry Rosés 

The 2018 dry rosés are early drinkers, showing nicely at an early stage.

As Spring arrives, these are great wines to sit outside and savor.

2018 French Pool Toy Rosé Vin de France 10.00 8.30VS

2018 Sierra Cantabria Rosé Rioja 13.00 10.79VS

2018 Saint Roch Les Vignes Rosé Côtes de Provence 16.00 13.28VS

2018 Domaine Fontsainte Rosé ‘Gris de Gris’ Corbières 18.00 14.94VS

2018 Triennes Rosé Côtes de Provence 18.00 14.94VS

2018 Sonder Cinsault Rosé Yakima Valley 20.00 16.60VS

2018 Les Hauts du Vallon Rosé Bandol 20.00 16.60VS

2018 Minuty Rosé ‘M’ Côtes de Provence 21.00 17.43VS

2018 Two Vintners Rosé ‘Have a Nice Day’ ‘Olsen Vineyard’ 25.00 20.75VS     

2018 Gran Moraine Rosé of Pinot Noir Estate

Yamhill Carlton 30.00 24.90VS

Also New In The Shops

2016 Roserock Zéphirine

Roserock Pinot Noir’ Zéphirine’ is a barrel selection cuvée from the Roserock Vineyard. This cuvée reflects winemaker Véronique Drouhin’s dedication to elegance and finesse. The name refers to the Zéphirine Drouhin, a variety of climbing rose, known for its fragrance and beauty. The 2016 Roserock Pinot Noir ‘Zéphirine’ is a stunning expression of Eola-AmityHills wines—blueberries, raspberries, and lavender. It shows near perfect balance between fruit and texture.  

2016 Roserock Pinot Noir ‘Zéphirine’ Eola-Amity Hills (Limited) 49.95 net

2017 Orr Grenche

Straight from the beautiful website, “Rustic and approachable, this hand-picked Grenache was fermented with a touch of Syrah and aged in mature French oak. The color is violet ruby and the nose is full of fresh raspberries, pomegranate, plum, and black tea. It’s vibrant and lively all the way through to the lifted and mouth-watering finish. Limited production of 130 cases for the 2017 vintage.” At the moment, Grenache is one of the fastest growing varietals in the shops, and this will will be perfect with Alaskan salmon.

2017 Orr Grenache Columbia Valley 25.00 20.75VS

2017 Domaine Jomain

Located in the village of Puligny–—a tabac, a boulanger, and a poste, plus some fine restaurants and a wine bar, and about twenty dogs-—you might imagine that space is tight. Christophe Jomain makes exceptional wines in a very tight space, which express the terroir of the incredible parcels his family inherited from their father Marc. Barrels are four high,  and you may need to get a barrel sample and go outside to taste. But we highly recommend the visit. These are some of the real wines of Burgundy, not made by money, but by passion!

2017 Domaine Jomain Bourgogne Aligoté 20.00 16.60VS

2017 Domaine Jomain Bourgogne Blanc 25.00 20.75VS

 2017 Domaine Jomain Puligny-Montrachet 68.00 56.44VS

Staff Picks

Raúl Pérez

Raul Pérez

For a completely new take on Spain’s Bierzo region, Raúl Pérez has created La Vizcaína, a fairly new project that expresses the terroir of the hillside crus, located around his hometown of Vatuille de Abajo. Four reds and one white are produced under the name, all from vines with over fifty years of age. These are wines of purity and finesse, and each has a finish longer than Raúl’s beard! 

2016 Raúl Pérez La Vizcaína ‘La del Vivo’ Bierzo 37.00 30.71VS

2017 Raúl Pérez St.Jaçques ‘Ultreia’ Bierzo 22.00 18.26VS     

2016 Raúl Pérez La Vizcaína ‘Las GundiñasBierzo 37.00 30.71VS

2016 Raul Pérez La Vizcaína ‘La Poulosa’ Bierzo 38.00 31.54VS

Featured Wines: Two Vintners

Two Vintners

Two Vintners was founded in 2007 by Morgan Lee, a dissident winemaker who loves to buck the trends. His style is pure and his willingness to do the unpopular, but delicious, has guided the brand. These are some of our favorite values. 

2018 Two Vintners Rosé ‘Have a Nice Day’‘Olsen Vineyard’ 25.00 20.75VS

2017 Two Vintners Grenache Blanc ‘Boushey Vineyard’ 25.00 20.75VS    

2016 Two Vintners Syrah ‘Some Days are Diamonds’ Horse Heaven Hills 50.00 41.50VS  

2015 Two Vintners Merlot Columbia Valley 32.00 26.56VS