Deal Of The Month

2019 Flowerhead Rosé

First out with 2019 rosé is Mark Ryan. Their 2019 Lu+Oly Rosé ‘Flowerhead’ is a stylish blend of Sangiovese, Syrah, and Grenache that will make one dream of Spring.

2019 Lu+Oly Rosé ‘Flowerhead’ Columbia Valley 18.00 14.94VS


The Weekly Tasting

Tastings at Both shops

Saturday February 22nd 11AM-5PM   free

Benanti Etna Wines

 Agatino Maurizio Failla will be 

at the Ravenna shop from 11:30AM-2:00PM 

and at the Queen Anne shop from 2:30PM-5PM

Saturday February 29th11AM-5PM   free

Podere Ruggeri Corsini – Piemonte

 Nicola Argamante will be at the Ravenna shop from 11:30AM-2:00PM 

and at the Queen Anne shop from 2:30PM-5PM 


New Arrivals

Long Shadows Wines

It is high time to have a Long Shadows tasting, with all the fine new wines they are now making. Come in and taste a selection on Saturday, February 8th at both shops. 

2018 Long Shadows Sauvignon Blanc ‘Cymbal’ Columbia Valley 29.95 net

2016 Long Shadows Red ‘Saggi’ Columbia Valley 47.95 nrt

2016 Long Shadows Red ‘Pirouette’ Columbia Valley 54.95 net

2016 Long Shadows Syrah ‘Sequel’ Columbia Valley 51.95 net

2016 Long Shadows Merlot ‘Pedestal’ Columbia Valley 54.95 net

2017 Long Shadows Cabernet Sauvignon ‘Feather’ Columbia Valley (Limited) 54.95 net

Benanti - Mount Etna

The Benanti family owns 35 acres on Mount Etna and manages an additional 25 acres, spread across the volcano’s lower slopes. The high diurnal temperature variation on Etna provides wines with prominent fruit and great minerality. Agatino Maurizio Failla will be in the shops on Saturday, February 22nd to showcase these marvelous wines.

2018 Benanti Bianco Etna 25.00 20.75VS

2018 Benanti Rosso Etna 25.00 20.75VS

2017 Benanti Bianco ‘Contrada Cavaliere’ Etna (Limited) 42.95 net

2018 Benanti Rosso ‘Contrada Cavaliere’ Etna (Limited) 45.00 37.35VS

2018 Benanti Rosso ‘Contrada Monte Serra’ Etna (Limited) 45.00 37.35VS

Taste these wines on Saturday, 

February 22nd at both shops from 11AM-5PM

 Agatino Maurizio Failla will be 

at the Ravenna shop from 11:30AM-2:00PM 

and at the Queen Anne shop from 2:30PM-5PM

Podere Ruggeri Corsini

Poderi Ruggeri Corsini is a 25 acre estate in Corsini, a small hamlet of Monforte d’Alba. Established in 1995, they started small, and have grown to a production of nearly 6,000 cases per year.  Come in and taste these wonderful Piemontese wines on Saturday, February 29th at both shops.

2018 Podere Ruggeri Corsini Bianco Langhe 17.00 14.11VS      

2018 Podere Ruggeri Corsini Dolcetto Piemonte 17.00 14.11VS        

2016 Podere Ruggeri Corsini Barbera ‘Armujan’ 25.00 20.75VS

2015 Podere Ruggeri Corsini Barolo ‘San Pietro’ 40.00 33.20VS

2015 Podere Ruggeri Corsini Barolo ‘Bussia’ 45.00 37.35VS 

Taste these wines on Saturday, 

February 29th at both shops from 11AM-5PM

 Nicola Argamante will be at the Ravenna shop from 11:30AM-2:00PM 

and at the Queen Anne shop from 2:30PM-5PM

Staff Picks

Fast & Furious

2018 Antoniolo Erbaluce

The Erbaluce grape from which 2018 Antoniolo Erbaluce di Caluso is made takes its name from the goddess Albaluce, whose realm was Caluso. It is crisp and fully dry with lots of green apple flavor—perfect for white fish dishes.

2018 Antoniolo Erbaluce di Caluso Piemonte   17.00 14.11VS


2017 J.L. Chave ‘Mon Coeur’

A bold aroma of black raspberries, garrigue, licorice, and white pepper gives the 2017 J.L.Chave Côtes du Rhône ‘Mon Coeur’ a striking first impression, much like a higher pedigree appellation in the northern Rhône Valley.

2017 J.L. Chave Côtes du Rhône ‘Mon Coeur’ 25.00 20.75VS    


2018 Foradori Teroldego

Teroldego is an ancient grape variety native to the alpine Trentino region, and seems like a cross between Syrah and Pinot Noir. It is filled with red fruits and perfect with chicken dishes.

2018 Foradori Teroldego Vigneti delle Dolomiti (Limited) 30.00 24.90VS


2007 López de Heredia Tondonia

The 2017 López de Heredia Viña Tondonia Reserva is made with 70% Tempranillo, 20% Garnacha, 5% Graciano, and 5% Mazuelo, that is aged in neutral American oak barriques for six years or more. Few wines with this much bottle age are available. 

2007 López de Heredia Viña Tondonia Reserva Rioja 45.00 37.35VS


2018 Mon P’tit Pithon ‘Laïs’

A blend of 60% Macabeu, 20% Grenache Gris, and  20% Grenache Blanc, the 2018 Monty Python wine has a spicy nose of white flowers and citrus and just may be the perfect “and now for something completely different’ wine.

2018 Olivier Pithon Blanc ‘Laïs Côtes Catalanes 25.00 24.90VS

February Features

2017 Saint Cosme Crozes

Saint Cosme Crozes-Hermitage is produced from 100% Sérine, an ancient clone of Syrah, grown on hillside vineyards in Erôme, Gervans, and Larnage. The 2017 Saint Cosme Crozes-Hermitage is redolent of licorice, black olives, black cherries, and violets. It has a purity of  Syrah fruit that lingers in the finish. This is an extraordinary value.

2017 Saint Cosme Crozes-Hermitage 30.00 24.90VS


2016 Barruol Lynch Côte-Rôtie

Louis Barruol is helping to save the authenticity and identity of old Côte-Rôtie sites, and working together with Kermit Lynch, they blend small parcels from Le Plomb, La Viaillère, and Besset vineyards. The 2016 Barruol Lynch Côte-Rôtie ‘La Boisselée’ tends to focus more on the Côte Brune style, with big, full savory flavors. 

2016 Barruol Lynch Côte-Rôtie ‘La Boisselée’ 85.00 70.55VS


2017 Pallavicini Frascati

Sporting a brand new label, the 2017 Principe Pallavincini Frascati Superiore ‘Poggio Verde’ has an aromas of melon, lemon zest, and green fig. It is way beyond one’s expectations and truly impresses those who taste it. The gooseberry and saline notes make one think of Sauvignon Blanc—almost Sancerre-like—shellfish all the way!

2017 Principe Pallavincini Frascati Superiore ‘Poggio Verde’ 18.00 14.94VS


2018 Château Lestrille Blanc

The 2018 Château Lestrille Blanc is from SauvignonBlanc to which winemaker Estelle Roumage adds a dash of Muscadelle, adding a scent of white flowers.

2018 Château Lestrille Blanc Entre-deux-Mers 15.00 12.45VS


2018 Cantina del Pino Dolcetto

Made from 100% Dolcetto grapes grown in the hills above Barbaresco overlooking the iconic tower in town, the 2018 Cantina del Pino Dolcetto d’Alba is bright red fruits and plums captured in a bottle. Try this with bruschetta with basil, tomato, and garlic.

2018 Cantina del Pino Dolcetto d’Alba 17.00 14.11VS

Fun & Fancy

2018 Cassis Blanc

Life is not fair…not only is Clos Ste. Magdeleine the most beautiful winery in the world, located on the seaside cliffs at the edge of the Mediterranean, but it is home to some of the most wonderful wines in the world. We offer the 2018 Clos Ste. Mageleine Cassis Blanc as evidence. 

2018 Clos Ste. Magdeleine Blanc Cassis (Limited) 37.00 30.71VS


2018 Jidvei Feteasca Alba

One can’t say that we don’t go out of our way to find new wines for our clients. And now, directly from Transylvania, we offer you a delicious bottle of Feteasca Alba. The 2018 Jidvei Feteasca Alba ‘Maria’ has a floral aroma of acacia, a rich flavor, and a crisp, dry finish you can sink your teeth into.

2018 Jidvei Feteasca Alba ‘Maria’ Tarnave, Romania 16.00 13.28VS


2018 Servin Chablis ‘Vaillons’

Made with 100% Chardonnay known locally as ‘Beaunois’, the 2018 Domaine Servin Chablis 1er Cru ‘Vaillons’ comes from vines grown on Kimmeridgian limestone, formed by billions of tiny fossilised oyster shells called ostrea virgule. The racy, sea breeze aroma and the saline, citrusy flavor all can be traced to this soil type. Have this wine with fresh oysters, oyster bisque, or clam chowder.

2018 Servin Chablis 1er Cru ‘Vaillons’ 35.00 29.05VS

New from the Northwest

2018 Kevin White Red

The 2018 red wine from Kevin White with a blue label is an all American wine. A blend of 45% Syrah, 40% Grenache, and 15% Mourvèdre, the wine is dense and full, yet is easy to consume now. It is styled after a Côte-du-Rhône with soft edges and is great for evening sipping.

2018 Kevin White Red ‘Blue Label’ Yakima Valley (Limited) 21.00 17.43VS

2017 Cadence ‘Coda’ — Special

Ahead of the madness of Washington Wine Month in March, Cadence is getting a jump on things, and offering a special price for their 2017 ‘Coda’. Usually $28, it is now down to $25 per bottle for this lovely blend that winemaker Ben Smith calls, “An exceptional vintage for Coda!” 

2017 Cadence Red ‘Coda’ Red Mointain 25.00 20.75VS

2017 Lingua Franca

Linqua Franca translates to ‘honest tongue’ and it is the name of Larry Stone’s vineyard. The 2017 Lingua Franca Chardonnay ‘Avni’ comes from volcanic soils in the Eola-Amity Hills, and it has a bold honeysuckle aroma, with lingering acidity, perfect for local seafood. The 2017 Lingua Franca Pinot Noir ‘Avni’ comes predominantly  from blocks of Dijon and Pommard clones from the estate vineyard, and it is filled with black plum and savory herb flavors. These are great food wines.

2017 Lingua Franca Chardonnay ‘Avni’ 37.00 30.71VS      

2017 Lingua Franca Pinot Noir ‘Avni’ 37.00 30.71VS

Mark Ryan Reds

The 2017 Mark Ryan big reds are about to arrive and they are big! The near perfect weather in September, 2017 gave these three pillars of the Mark Ryan stable a head start. As powerful as ever, the 2017’s have polish and balance and pick up speed with air. These belong in the cellar for at least five years. (It should be noted that Mark Ryan McNeilly is a big fan of the simple Dick’s burger. Is it a match? You bet!)

2017 Mark Ryan Red ‘Water Witch’ Red Mountain 58.00 48.14VS      

2017 Mark Ryan Cabernet Sauvignon ‘Old Vines’ Columbia Valley 65.00 53.95VS

2017 Mark Ryan Cabernet Sauvignon ‘Lonely Heart’ Red Mountain 95.00 78.85VS