And now for something really different, we bring you a little known red grape—Susumaniello. Susumaniello is an ancient variety which is grown in the province of Brindisi in southern Italy. The 2013 Tenute Rubino Susumaniello ‘Oltremè’ has a very distinctive aroma of fresh fig and plum. On the palate, it is round and plump, and it has the warm, ripe middle that is distinctively southern Italian. The 2012 Masseria Li Veli Susumaniello is a deep red wine, with an aroma featuring dried cherries and eucalyptus. It has a sanguine note that allows it to pair well with red meats.

2013 Tenute Rubino Susumaniello ‘Oltremè’ Salento 14.00 11.62VS

2012 Masseria Li Veli Susumaniello Salento 22.00 18.26VS


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