2015 was a wonderful vintage for Pinot Noir in the Côte d’Or, and many draw comparision with great vintages such as 2005, 1990, and 1929—high praise for sure. The yields were low due to the warm summer, but the wines are fresh and each grower seems to have captured the flavors of their terroir. It is a good time to stash a selection for drinking now, and over the next three to five years.

2015 Le Clos d’Augustin Bourgogne Pinot Noir 17.00 14.11VS

2015 R. Dubois Bourgogne Rouge Vieilles Vignes 18.00 14.94VS

2015 Bouchard Bourgogne Rouge 19.00 15.77VS

2015 Regis Bouvier Bourgogne Rouge 22.00 18.26VS

2015 Prosper Maufoux Bourgogne Rouge 22.00 18.26VS

2015 Domaine Collotte Bourgogne Rouge ‘Noble Souché’ 25.00 20.75VS

2015 Michel Sarrazin Bourgogne Rouge ‘Les Vieilles Vignes’ 26.00 21.58VS

2015 Jaçques Girardin Bourgogne Rouge 27.00 22.41VS

2015 Domaine Dominique Gruheir Bourgogne Rouge ‘Epineuil’ 30.00 24.90VS

2015 Jean-Marc Pillot Bourgogne Rouge ‘Les Grandes Terres’ 30.00 24.90VS

2015 Edmund Cornu Bourgogne Rouge 30.00 24.90VS

2015 Gérard Raphet Bourgogne Rouge ‘Les Grands Champs’ 32.00 26.56VS

2015 Jean Chauvenet Bourgogne Rouge ‘Noyer du Pendu’ 35.00 29.05VS

2015 Château de Marsannay Bourgogne Rouge 40.00 33.20VS